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Aphasia is... "Difficulty with speech. Cannot communicate the ideas in my head into words."


2016 Australian Aphasia Association National Conference

11th National Aphasia Conference in Adelaide


The 11th National Aphasia Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th October 2016


VENUE: Eagles Function Centre (Woodville Oval)

Oval Avenue, Woodville South SA 5011

Click 'here' to download the discounted Accommodation Options for delegates to the 2016 AAA Conference in Adelaide.

Click 'here' to see the venue website

Got something say? Share it with others at the 2016 AAA National Conference. Click 'here' to see the "Call For Papers

Click 'here' to see some presentations and photos from our last National Conference in Perth 2014

The Australian Aphasia Association (AAA) Inc

The AAA is a support and advocacy association.

The AAA supports people with aphasia and their families.

It also supports people who work with people with aphasia.

People with aphasia direct and participate in the activities of the AAA.

Aphasia (ay-faze-yuh)

Aphasia is a language difficulty caused by damage to the brain.

People with aphasia may find it hard to:

  • talk
  • listen (understand what others say)
  • read
  • write
  • use numbers

Primary progressive aphasia - 'the other kind of aphasia'

Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) is a form of cognitive impairment.

It involves a progressive loss of language function.

Click [this link] to view more about it.

Aphasia UnitedAphasia United logo

The AAA is a member of Aphasia United.

Aphasia United is an organisation for the global aphasia community.

Aphasia United supports communication between aphasia groups.

These groups are from all over the world.

They have a shared vision – to advance aphasia sciences and services.

Such groups include:

  • Research groups.
  • Consumer groups.
  • Professional groups.

A paper about how Aphasia United was developed is available here.  The paper is called: 'Creating a united voice for aphasia'. This paper has been published.

For more information, visit the Aphasia United website.

Organisations can register as members of Aphasia United. Email: contact@aphasiaunited.org

Connect with Aphasia United:

1. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AphasiaUnited

2. Twitter @AphasiaUnited

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